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I’m  Annie (Garcia) Lucey, a trained chef and professional recipe developer. With an emphasis on fresh and bright recipes, I find inspiration from the seasonal produce in my home state of California, as well as my Italian and Mexican roots.

About Me

Beyond sharing recipes, I’m on a mission to teach you the basics of home cooking to make it more intuitive. I not only hope to share recipes that are creative and easy to recreate in any home kitchen but really, I want to share a general feeling in the kitchen. More than anything else I just want it to feel…casual, doable, and hopefully at least a little inspired and fun. Most nights you can find me cooking with a good playlist and having too much fun finding ways to incorporate my vintage thrifted kitchen finds on the table. It's low key, it's casual, and a good vibe, and I hope to share some of that from my little corner of the internet.

While I have a professional culinary background, I've spent my career in editorial, as a test kitchen chef, working at a cooking school, and heading up culinary teams that develop recipes *specifically* for home cooks. I have a full time job and look forward to a delicious meal at the end of the day that won't leave me exhausted with a pile of dishes. My recipes lean on realistic cooking methods and techniques so that you can easily cook a dish that tastes *so* good that you can’t wait to make it again.

I’ll do the legwork when creating the recipes so you can keep it casual. My recipes are simple to follow and packed with suggestions on recipe riffs to help you cook with what you’ve got. I’m a firm believer that anything in red sauce tastes like comfort food and I’ve got lots of recipes to prove it. I live with my husband and our scrappy senior dog Frances in the SF Bay Area, where I work in recipe development and food media by day. Now throw some music on and let's get cookin'.

Throughout my various roles in the food industry, my goal has always been to make cooking more intuitive, fun, + accessible for all.

Q+A With Annie Lucey

Q: what can i expect from your website?

A: Think of me as that friend you always text with cooking and recipe questions (or as my friends think of me, their built-in cooking insutrctor), and my website as your one-stop-shop for recipes and really anything food related. Stick around for my shoppable kitchen and home products, as well as guides on food, travel, and culinary techniques. I'm also a little *too* passionate about making playlists, so give 'em a listen while you hang and cook!


A: Hire me to develop recipes, create elevated UGC-style assets, write copy for your culinary brand channels, or all of the above. Lean on my professional culinary experience and background in content strategy for a collaborative project that's tailored to your brand channels and goals.

Q: What's your professional background?

A: English + Cultural Anthropology majors at UCLA, Culinary school, externship in test kitchen at goop.com, classes, events, and popups at the Gourmandise School of Sweets & Savories, founding team at Just Date, test kitchen chef at Brava Home, and now Director, Recipe Development + Culinary Content at Brava Home. All while developing and sharing my own recipes on my website since 2014 (previously whatannieseating.com).

Throughout my various roles in the food industry, my goal has always been to encourage home cooks to step into the kitchen, and to make cooking more intuitive, fun, and accessible for all.

Q: How would you describe your overall cooking style + philosophy?

A: My cooking style is inspired by the seasonal produce here in California, as well as my Italian and Mexican roots, with an emphasis on fresh and bright recipes. But more importantly, I believe that enjoying food and cooking is all about a balance. Most weeknights, I look towards fresh produce and nutrient-dense ingredients, and use simple, everyday cooking techniques to make them taste as delicious as possible. So, lots of roasted vegetables, a quick stovetop dish, oven roasted proteins, salads– things that feel realistic after a workday.

I also lean on pantry and kitchen staples to round out dishes. Tomatoes, anchovies, citrus, herbs, chiles, and toasted pistachios are all heavy hitters in my rotation and they add delicious layers of flavor and texture. I eat this way the majority of the time and of course allow myself to just enjoy anything in between, because what is life without pizza or pasta night? On the weekends you can find me knee-deep in a longer cooking project - braising, baking, making homemade pasta or gnocchi, you name it.

Q: Underrated ingredients or cooking techniques?

A: Ingredient - fresh marjoram. It's a little more citrusy and floral than fresh oregano and you'll see it pop up in a lot of my recipes. Cooking technique - it's definitely not underrated, but rather, more misunderstood as something complicated when it's actually simple and very forgiving - braising! 

Cooking for myself, friends, + family is my happy place. It’s creative, sensory, nostalgic, + mindful. Plus, it’s the absolute best way to bring a group of people together.


Whether you have a question about a recipe or you’re interested in working together, let’s chat.

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